Thursday 18 June 2009

The Fragonard Provencal Costume and Jewelry Museum in Grasse

Rosie Bussard told me she would not let me go home until I visited this museum. Thankfully I was not pillion on the back of her Vespa when she uttered this ultimatum. She is a kind-heart. She comes from Salon de Provence, the birthplace of Nostradumus and maybe this explains her deep nature which others judge to be bafflement. Whatever, she is usually right about most things.
And she was so right about the
Provencal Costume and Jewelry Museum. It is probably one of the best curated costume museums in France - small but perfect. This collection of 'Indienne' print dresses, intensely vibrant in colour and pattern, yet simple in design, teamed with petticoats delicately quilted using piqué and boutis techniques, recalls when other testaments remain silent, the lives of women past, patiently expert with their needles: peasants, craft-workers and farmers' wives. The collection has been carefully assembled by Hélène Costa over the years, together with fine examples of the gem-stone crosses the women wore on ribbons around their necks. The museum is owned by the Parfumiers Fragonard which is perhaps one of the reasons why it is so lovely. To reach it you must go through their shop, heady with all their wonderful fragrances and soaps. It is an experience to treasure - try to not to miss it. We are grateful to Claudine André of Fragonard for sharing these images with us.


  1. Jacqueline,

    I love this post. You have managed to bring me to a place I might never get to visit. Thank you for sharing.

    Wendy Sheppard

  2. Jacqueline,you are a wonderful story-teller. Whenever I read your recounts, I feel like I am right there next to you, experiencing it at the same time. Congratulations on such a fascinating blog, and thanks for taking the time to share your passion with us!

  3. Lovely post of a amazing place! I have been there a few years ago, still I do have pefume from Grasse. Highly recommended!

  4. I had the opportunity for enjoying this beautiful museum in Grasse in our holidays to the Provence and really everything there was beautiful