Saturday 13 June 2009

Please send me wings....vuolo volare!

Sometimes you may get the impression that I am here only intermittently - that on certain days I vanish off the face of the planet. The truth is that at the moment I am a mole, sunk in my office, developing square eyes, picture editing for our next sampler books. They will be fabulous - I wouldn't want to disappoint you. But I have over 1,500 images to edit (and that does not include detail shots). This means the sun and the sea are distant dreams right now. And you keep sending me these wonderful images of where you are stitching Mary Wigham. Here is where Emanuela from Grottammare is now. I think we need a cruise boat to get there from Maria's in Naples......or wings!


  1. Everyone is making fabulous progress! I can`t decide which I like the most...I love the varigated pink...the brown and reds...they are all so creative and lovely!

    I do have a question...when you matched the threads to the sampler, did you match them to the front or the back of the sampler? I keep comparing my colours to the picture, and they seem 'off'

  2. This is a really interesting question, thank you! The threads are matched to the front of this sampler because it is still in its original frame and has not been disturbed. Have a look at the Mary Wigham Q&A .pdf download and then you can see how this is done. The thread colours vary because the same floss is not consistently dyed. The other difficulty is that you can only compare with images from books or from the web and unfortunately, though we try our best, these are not as accurate as the sampler itself.... I hope that helps you.

  3. Yes, thanks, it does! I didn`t realize Mary was still in her frame. I think I will end up subbing some of the paler cream threads so the stitches will stand out a bit more on my cream linen. I really love the latest colour scheme I saw posted, the one with the muted is really gorgeous!