Monday 15 June 2009

One stitch stitched, one stitch nearer the finish

And Wendy Sheppard should know as a mum with a 5 month old baby girl and working as a quilt designer - it is not always easy to find time to put in that one stitch. But she has made her start and it is very lovely. Isabel Padilla has a four month old baby and I am sure there are more in the same boat who have many demands on their time. The girls at Ackworth school stitched these samplers in their spare time, and how they found time is a mystery. They had a very well-regulated day and when they were not at their lessons they had to seam all the sheets and linen for all the school, then knit socks for themselves and for the boys - and we all know what boys do with a pair of socks, don't we? Then they had to mend clothing, and remake clothes. People always ask my how long it would have taken to stitch one of these samplers and to be honest I don't know, but Wendy and Isabel will probably give us an idea.

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