Wednesday 17 June 2009

Hello Russian Mary Wigham SAL!

Tonight Natasha from Berlin is representing the Russian language SAL stitchers under Head Girl Olia. You will see the work in progress of Elena from Russia, Stasy from Belarus and Sakyra from the Ukraine in our SAL Gallery. It is wonderful to know they are stitching away at a sampler worked over 200 years ago in a little out of the way place in the North of England by a modest Quaker school girl who would never have dreamed her work would inspire anything like this phenomenal world-wide stitchalong.
It is always interesting to see where people start on a sampler. In this case I am sorry you are being constrained by the order of releases. Where would you normally start? And perhaps while you think about that, you might like to think where an Ackworth girl would start. She has no computer generated chart, most probably she is working directly on her linen. Look at the Ackworth samplers which are richly covered with motifs. Would you start with the border and work inwards, or start with your name and work outwards? Would you work two sides of the border and then some middle before closing the border - or what? Mmmmmm. I am still thinking, can you help?


  1. I'm always starting from the middle (or at least trying to :))). That's the easiest way (for me) to avoid situation, when you have plenty of fabric on one side and are short of it on the other side :)

  2. Jacqueline!I always start my works from the middle top! It seems handy to me. :)