Tuesday 30 June 2009

Mary Wigham is Here Again!

Thank you for your patience. Mary Wigham is back for you again - simply click on her picture on the side-bar for downloads. Poor Mary has been a victim of her success - your calls for her went through the roof last week while I was away. Although we have the maximum bandwith plan with our supplier, it just wasn't enough to cope - and sadly rather than simply charge me extra fees for the extra bandwith as some suppliers would do, this supplier just cut off. Rather frustrating for us all, wasn't it! However, I have now set up a special server just for Mary, but it will take me a few days to rebuild and get all our work in progress back up in the gallery. There are some really wonderful images waiting for you to gaze at and I shall tell you as soon as they are ready. Mary Wigham Part 5 will be ready for you in a couple of days.


  1. I can hardly wait for the new server!! I, like everyone else, am addicted to MW! :)

  2. Everybody is addict to MW !
    It's a wonderful adventure.
    Lou from France

  3. Jacqueline,

    Thank you for your hard work! I hope you would get to rest a bit this coming weekend.

    Wendy Sheppard

  4. I am stitching and enjoying the process...not to mention reading all the blogs and chatter. This is fun!

  5. Poor Jacqueline, I have a special thought for you who went on holidays to find such a hard work at your return!!!