Tuesday 30 June 2009

I am sorry I have upset your routine!

Annie Koning from the Netherlands writes: Every Monday evening I go to the bridge club and when I come home I look to your site and then there is a new part of Mary Wigham. Then I must do some stitches before I go to bed."First I bridge....then I stitch". I am so sorry your routine was disrupted, Annie, when our web host collapsed beneath all your hugs! I am now spreading the load across our two web-sites and we are about half way through the restructuring and testing process now. Your next instalment of Mary Wigham will be with you very soon and then we shall be back on schedule for all bridge club members! Should I tell you that I once, many years ago, I sat behind Omar Sharif while he was playing bridge in the UK - I cannot remember the hand he played.....! Annie's bridge table is set for a king - never mind a film star, isn't it?

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