Thursday 25 June 2009

Embroidered with White - Heather Toomer

I have just finished a review for Heather's latest book on white embroideries and costume accessessories of the 18th century. This softback book, just short of 200 pages and £20 is a lavishly illustrated compendium of designs, stitches, terminology and examples of fine lace and white embroidery. The images are impressively fine detailed so that the stitcher's art is fully revealed. Side by side with the whitework articles themselves are wonderful period portraits depicting how they would have been worn at the time. My personal favourites are the Dresden work men's waistcoats - particularly the one from which I have extracted this detail.
And I cannot finish without mentioning the excellent line-drawn illustrations by Elspeth Reed. If you are a lover of whitework and lace, then this book is essential reading.

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