Wednesday 24 June 2009

Quaker Post

I have been asked if the wonderful Quaker Post motifs designed by Erica Uten are still available - and I am delighted to tell you they are! Some of you might remember the launch of Quaker Post when we held a mail art competition to stitch a message of peace or simplicity to Sarah Moon. The money raised - about £600 - went to a Quaker playcentre in a war zone. We are no longer running the competition but the set of 12 cards with 16 stamp designs as well as designs for an envelope can be obtained by clicking here. And here are images of three winning designs to show you what wonderful things can be done with Quaker Post.


  1. Those are wonderful quaker works!! Congratulations to the makers!

    Jacqueline, the needleprint site is not working, it says error. Some stitchers told me they cannot download the Mary Wigham parts.
    Thank you!

    from Hungary

  2. can´t wait for can download this too !!!

  3. Ces enveloppes sont magnifiques! Je ne comprends pas ce que tu écrits mais les photos parlent!