Monday 1 June 2009

Mary Wigham is coming tonight - Mary Wigham Forever!

We have the donation buttons now and we are just testing everything through to make sure it all works. Mary Wigham is Forever - because you care!

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  1. I just discovered this SAL 10 minutes ago and am all excited, i was reading on May 27, and did not realise all the questions i askt in my comment where already solvd. ( good there is a paypal account, otherwise there would have been a problem i think for the stitchers from other countrys)
    I go through my stash nd hope i have all here so i can start this one!

    I even have not read all about this sal, so i will do it this evening

    Manny manny thanks, this is a most beautifull sampler and what a great chance you give to all of us