Tuesday 30 June 2009

Ineke made me smile today

It has been a hard day getting all the files into the right places. We went to bed at 3am and were up again at 8am. I thought it might possibly be one of those days, until I saw this image. It made me smile! Ineke from Zwolle in the Netherlands writes: In the attachment is a photo of my Mary Wigham sampler laying on my worktable with my ‘personal supervisor'. The big hairy monster prefers to lie on top of it or on the pattern to have a better look, so I keep pushing him aside. Mary Wigham is very nice to stitch! But I am stitching much slower than the charts are published. It is the pleasure of stitching that counts!

1 comment:

  1. Ineke...I can relate to this pic! I have 2 cats and one in particular is "velcroed" to me at all times. She tries to get in my lap when I am stitching and loves to lay on my ironing board in my sewing room...especially if I have something piled on it! They are so adorable :)