Saturday 10 May 2014

World Lupus Day - Julia Line and Julian Lennon

If you don't yet know the design work of Julia Line of Long Dog Samplers - then you have missed at least half of life's stitching pleasures - just click here to see them. Since her return from France to the UK, Julia has been in an out of hospital - today she is in - being helped to manage her Lupus. Most of us get upset when we feel as though the world has turned against us. Just imagine how it feels when your own body, your own immune system, turns against you destructively. Long term, indiscriminate and unpredictable affliction - that's Lupus. Some years ago I wrote about the death of our neighbour's daughter, Lucy. She died with Lupus at age 46. She was also the inspiration for John Lennon's Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. Here you can listen to Julian Lennon talking about Lucy and Lupus. Maybe you can find out a local Lupus charity and make a donation today. If not, buy one of Julia's charts, treat yourself, it's Saturday!

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