Friday 30 May 2014

SOLD Art & Decoration In Elizabethan & Jacobean England * £65 €100 $140 Tracked Shipping Included

This is another connoisseur's book for research students or lovers of 16th and 17th century sources of design. Over 2 kilos and around 350 pages, this is a fabulous source book if you want to know the origins of designs in needlework, tapestry and other ornament during this period.
It is rich pudding indeed, and if Bess of Hardwick and the needlework of Hardwick Hall is of interest to you, then you will be pleased to hear that Anthony Wells-Cole, focuses on this prodigy house.
He identifies for the first time the exact print sources employed in decoration and furnishing.
A large proportion of illustrations will be unfamiliar to all but specialists.
This book is in excellent condition and recognizing it is an expensive book, I will split the payment over two months for you.

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