Saturday 24 May 2014

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The Foundling Hospital in Coram's Fields in London was the origin of many sorry tales never more eloquently expressed by items of cloth, ribbon and stitching.
These were the tenuous threads that held together the identities of mothers and their surrendered babies. Using the other half of this token would permit a mother to return in better times to reclaim her child.
In this book you can read about the history of the Foundling Museum and the individual stories of women and their children and the symbols of their love.
This is a softback book with 72 pages all illustrated and is in perfect condition.

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  1. When I saw the front of John Styles Book, I thought, I have that book and lo' and behold there is was in my bookcase. I had purchased it some time ago when it was shown on this Blog. The stories regarding the mothers and their babies is heartrending, but what a peace it must have given the mothers to know they could reclaim their children with a sampler of cloth.