Wednesday 21 May 2014

SOLD The Charity School Movement * £18 $55 €35 Shipping Included

It is rather an eclectic set of books on offer at the moment - all related to the history of children's education - so probably not of use to any but the most interested researcher into charity schools in England against the background of Puritanism and the Enlightenment. This is the most comprehensive book ever compiled on British (it includes Ireland and Scotland, too) charitable foundations for education. Its main interest lies in the different reactions of philanthropic men and women to the movement for establishing schools on a religious basis for the children of the poor - or those not in affluence. Published in 1938, this book has not been surpassed. It is a rare book and is an ex-library copy from a teacher training college. It is in good clean condition with some scuffing to the jacket. About 450 pages it is a weighty book, hence the price.

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