Tuesday 13 May 2014

SOLD As New Arets Korssting 2003 * Ellen Marie Rodil * £23 €35 $50 Including Shipping

Formatted as a year's diary for 2003, this is a wonderful pattern book in new condition with cross stitch patterns for each month designed by the wonderful Ellen Marie Rodil who has such a fabulous eye for luscious colour.
This gives you an idea of the page format - calendar pages are interspersed with lovely watercolour designs that feed into the patterns and projects on the pages following for each month.
The black and white patterns charted with symbols are large and easy to read
In addition to main projects are small excerpts that can be used for smaller projects
I was very interested to see that the pomegranate below has a Latin name meaning Pomegranate from Carthage - this must be Dido's fruit!
The diary is spiral bound soft-back and measures 8" x 8" (21cm x 21cm), text is in 3 languages including English and the charts are numbered for Danish Flower Thread - there are Danish Flower Thread to DMC conversions on the internet to help you.

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