Wednesday 7 May 2014

Structure, Surface, Stitch * Wey Valley Workshop * Bracknell Galleries 20 -31 May 2014

The Wey Valley Workshop meets in my local town, Godalming, in Surrey and if you live nearby then you might be interested in sharing their stitched journeys - the group would be happy to hear from you. Their next exhibition, Structure, Surface and Stitch will be held in Bracknell Galleries, Bracknell. The exhibition presents a diversity of framed, soft and 3D work interpreting the theme in their own inimitable ways. Also on exhibit will be interpretations and drawings made by the group titled: The Continuous Line inspired by the line drawings of artist John Maltby - who just happens to be one of my favourite ceramics artists - see below. Go - be inspired! Here is your link for more information.

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