Saturday 17 May 2014

SOLD Blackbird Designs Sarah Tobias - 7 Stitching Projects * £12 €18 $30 Shipping Included

I have always been a great fan of Barb and Alma - they create charming, well thought-out designs inspired by the past but with their own particular take on times gone by.
People are sometimes surprised to find out I like these modern designs and I have to confess I am no historical purist - needlework speaks to me and good design always inspires.
Blackbird designs show such integrity of arrangment and colour - they always work and they are always well-worth the effort of stitching.
This charming softback book of 24 pages has so much for the stitcher to enjoy
I love the Sarah Tobias sampler and its associated pin keep.
But I'm sure you will have your own favourite!

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