Wednesday 14 May 2014

Mary Low Finds Her Sister Elizabeth

In a recent post I mentioned Tennants' auction and a lively sampler - Lot 1227 - for sale. It was worked by Mary Low, Aged 12 of Forgandenny in 1825. The lovely news I heard yesterday is that Mary is now en route to be reunited with her sister Elizabeth who is in a private collection in the USA. Both sisters were raised in Forgandenny,  a small village just to south-west of Perth in Scotland and the school still stands. We now know, thanks to research from the samplers' owner, that both girls were daughters of James Low, Schoolmaster of the Parish of Forgandenny, and Elisabeth Mitchell, who was baptized on 16 April 1809 by the Reverend John Willison. It is interesting to note that on Elizabeth's sampler only three of her grandparents' initials are marked in black and that there is mention of a second wife, Beatrix Bruce, to her father.

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