Thursday 8 May 2014

SOLD 2 Vintage Danish Embroidery/Folk Art Books * £17 €25 $40 Shipping Including

Probably one of my favourite needlework books is this book of Danish Folk Embroidery from 1958.
This copy is in excellent and tidy condition and has some wonderful black and white images of embroidered items like this parade towel above.
There is always something special and distinctive about Danish embroidery and a clarity of design.
And the tradition of embroidering men's shirts for their marriage or death is also so very touching.
There is something about this day-time display of white-worked pillows on the bed that is common to many North European traditions, including The Netherlands. There are 48 pages of illustrations in this softback book. The text is in Danish.
Stevns Museum is south of Copenhagen and this second book in the pack is dedicated to Carving and Cross-stitch. Again it is a softback book with black and white illustrations and Danish text.
Here you can see cross stitched examples in the book.

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