Friday 9 May 2014

SOLD The Norwich Textile Industry From 1565 : The Fabric of Stuffs * £10 €15 $35 Shipping Included

This superb A4 format monograph of 44 pages on the Norwich Textile Industry by Ursula Priestley from the Centre of East Anglian Studies is a mine of information for anyone interested in Norwich and its textile history, from the early settlement of the area by the Strangers from the continent who, fleeing religious persecution, brought their textile secrets and techniques to what was once the capital city of England.
All aspects of textile manufacture are covered - but of special merit are the pages from the wonderful catalogues from the archives.
I was also very interested to find this illustration of a trade-card from 1712 (below). It is from a seller of textiles, Henry Andrews, who had a store at the Adam and Eve in Cheapside. Could his logo have been a pattern source for stitchers?  

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