Friday 23 May 2014

SOLD Handwerken Zonder Grenzen 2001 * £8 €12 $25 * Shipping Included

Handwerken Zonder Grenzen (Handwork Without Frontiers) is a long-established and greatly respected Dutch magazine which was the original template for Piecework.
The magazines are all about 70 pages with sturdy covers and though some are 15 or more years old they are all in excellent and very clean condition.  The downside is that they are all in Dutch. This number features articles beadwork which you can see above and below.
There is an excellent article on the little known stitched costume wall-hangings of Lowenburg Castle, in Germany
There is also a charted pattern for the blue sampler you can on the right of the extract below, together with an article on Moroccan samplers
Below you can see some charting for another needlework project

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