Friday 23 May 2014

SOLD Handwerken Zonder Grenzen 1997 * £8 €12 $25 Shipping Included

This is the last, but not the least, of my collection of Handwerken Zonder Grenzen magazines. The 90s really were the heyday of this remarkable publication and this edition is a showcase of the skills and knowledge of Henriette and Henk Beukers who created Handwerken Zonder Grenzen. This edition is dedicated to Vlechtsteek - more later.
But stitchers may also appreciate an article on Ayrshire whitework with some lovely imaged examples - the text is in Dutch, be warned.
But back to the main topic - Vlechtsteek which translates as braid stitch. However, it is probably better known to us as long-arm cross stitch or, in some forms, Montenegrin stitch.
This edition devoted four pages to taking you through worked examples.
Long-arm cross stitch was used extensively on early samplers, particularly those of the 1600s and below you can see a stunning Dutch sampler of 1663.
There are of course many other articles with some fabulous knits, ideas for patchwork and a super piece on Swedish Tvistsom or tapestry work. The magazine is in pristine condition, as fresh as the day it was published in 1997.

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