Saturday 24 May 2014

SOLD Handwerken Zonder Grenzen 2000 * £8 €12 $25 *Shipping Included

Handwerken Zonder Grenzen (Handwork Without Frontiers) is a long-established and greatly respected Dutch magazine which was the original template for Piecework.
The magazines are all about 70 pages with sturdy covers and though some are 15 or more years old they are all in excellent and very clean condition.  The downside is that they are all in Dutch. This number features articles on the traditional costume of Staphorst which you can see above.
Samplers and embroidery from Zeeland
including the wonderful cross-stitched sampler-yokes from the region 
There is a very special article on 17th century knitting which is so lovely with its monochrome relief patterns - the extract on the left above shows a Lamb of God motif, more usually found on samplers - so the historical student is fascinated by the ease of transfer of stitched patterns to knitted patterns and vice-versa
I have purposely chosen stitched articles, though there are articles on other needlecrafts too, such as knitting. There are numerous charted patterns and projects for stitching throughout.

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