Friday 16 January 2015

SOLD 3 Lovely Italian Stitching Magazines * £13 €20 $60 Including Shipping (Heavy Magazines)

Rakam, an Italian language, has to be one of the world's best stitching magazines -
it is an absolute eye-opener if you have never seen it or the standard of Italian stitching before
There are some amazing stitching projects - including ones for counted thread work
Where the projects are for free embroidery there are plenty of diagrams to help you
Consider the project for this ivy pattern - can you see that the picture at bottom right shows a room with a ceiling hung with stitched cloth using this pattern as a repeat?
Not all projects are that huge!
Here is the second magazine which concentrates again on stitching for the home
There are some really charming patterns for pillow/cushion covers
Again the instructions are detailed and helpful if you don't know Italian
There is much more to show - I could go on forever
but there is one more magazine which features stitching amongst other crafts
such as beading
and knitting - this edition is focused on making for Christmas - so good to think about surprises for next year.....

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