Wednesday 28 January 2015

SOLD Box of 5 Knitting Books * £20 €40 $90 Including Shipping

This is a very interesting set of books - not only for knitters but those interested in textile history. All books are in reasonable or better used condition. The Art of Knitting is a hard back of 160 pages which in addition to providing 24 practical knitting projects, recounts the history from earliest times
each knitting project is based upon an historical knitted item such as the fabulous 17th century knitted tunic documented above
and even a Quaker pincushion!
This soft back book of 68 pages is also a treasure trove of historical information as well as patterns
I was particularly interested in the section on Schools of Industry as knitting featured large on most charity school curricula - not only for girls but boys also.
Gladys Thompson's book below has over 170 pages of history and gorgeous patterns -
as well as the detailed particular history of the origins of the patterns. Stories are told that you could always tell which village a drowned fisherman came from by the 'gansey' he was wearing ....
Sarah Don's book - a softback of over 120 pages - documents the history of the origin of these lovely garment as well as supplying practical tips and full patterns
individual motifs with sample colours are also given.
For true devotes of the history of knitting around the world then the Bishop of Leicester's book on the subject is a key resource
he was a keen knitter himself untoil his death in 2011.
Below you can see images of early UK knitwear

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