Tuesday 20 January 2015

SOLD 3 Vintage Embroiderers' Guild Journals 1958/1959 * £12 €19 $45 Including Shipping

Here is another set from my vintage collection of Embroidery - the journals of the Embroiderers' Guild. The journals are rare and precious documents of embroidery and date back to 1950. Each is rich with needlework research and practical projects of the past and include regular articles by such luminaries as Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth. Shipping costs lately seem to keep doubling every time I blink, so please be aware that $45 does include shipment to your door. Each journal has around 30 pages of A4 that are absolutely fascinating. I shall be selling 16 sets of 3 journals. Here you can see a few examples of what to expect taken from just some of the pages of these journals. This set comprises Spring 1958, Summer 1958 and Winter 1958/1959.

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