Monday 5 January 2015

SOLD 4 Little Dutch Needlework Books * £13 €20 $42 Including Shipping ($46 Australia or New Zealand)

The first 3 of these softback books are precursors of the larger hardback books published by the Museum of Needlearts in Wedde, Netherlands.
And the first of the books is in English - the other 3 are in Dutch
This first book is about and illustrates many examples of the Black Samplers of Groningen.
The second little book is in Dutch and is about the exercise pronkrollen made by young girls at school.
Often called Souvenirs de Jeunesse, the rolls demonstrate all the needlework techniques and skills learnt by the girls - sometimes these rolls can be metres long!
The last of Hennie Stevan's little books is all about those delightful vintage everyday needlework necessities that we shall probably never see the like of again.
Thimbles and needle-cases, ribbons and thread cards...
little pattern books and much more besides.
This last book is a small Dutch hardback on the subject of Blackwork.
There are illustrations of early examples of 17th century blackwork
including the famous Shepherd's Buss
Jackets as well as hats and coifs are pictured together with early paintings.
The second half of the book is devoted to ideas and suggestions for blackwork projects
and includes many patterns you could use.

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