Monday 12 January 2015

SOLD Bunad No 1 and No 2 (Norwegian) * £13 €23 $65 Including Shipping (Heavy Journals)

These are more like soft-back books than magazines - there are over 100 pages and the production and photographic quality is superb.
These first two editions of Bunad, a Norwegian language journal of traditional costume were produced in 2004 and are in virtually mint condition - and I'm happy to say, the magazine is still going strong. Look for Bunad on Facebook.
I love Scandinavia - but perhaps I love Norway most of all - it felt most like home to me when I visited 10 years ago and certainly there were words I heard there that came straight from the Yorkshire dialect of my childhood.
But it is the traditional crafts and love of costume that I enjoyed so much - there is such a pride in continuing the hand-made traditions that I fear we are in danger of losing elsewhere.
The journals focus on embroidery, weaving, silver smithing and carving, but it is the costume that is always the end result.
I think the embroidered apron here is to die for!
In the second edition we get to see some close ups of the woven damasks
embroidered yokes of gowns
woven waistcoats
I forgot to say that there are small handwork projects for you to try also, such as this simple woven braid.
There are also museum articles on how clothing is cared for
and I mustn't forget the advertisements - these are excellent resources for anyone wanting to explore their field of interest in Norway.

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