Wednesday 21 January 2015

SOLD 5 Pattern Books (Set 1) * £12 €19 $45 Including Shipping

The five pattern books in this set are: 101 Folk Art Designs; Sibmacher's famous Baroque Charted Designs for Needlework; Jana Hauschild's Danish Zodiac Samplers; Ann Orr's Charted Designs and Misse Moeller's Charted Decorated Initials. All books are in very good condition. By the way if you see more than one set of books you would like, do email me because we can often make mailing savings which we pass on to you.
The image above is a typical spread from 101 Folk Art Designs - nice clear charts.
Jana's book has 12 different sampler designs one for each sign of the Zodiac
Images above and below show the charming vintage designs from Ann Orr's book
Below you can see an image from Johan Sibmacher's Baroque Designs - this is the best facsimile of Sibmacher's charted designs I know - and I am sorry to say there are some rubbish photocopied books that are almost impossible to read being sold for quite large sums on the internet - beware....
Below is a spread from the charted Initials - lovely for personalizing presents or for making an entire alphabet book or sampler.....
If you would like these 5 items and can pay via PayPal simply click on the flying angel below. The price includes shipping to wherever you are.

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