Tuesday, 13 January 2015

SOLD Darlene O'Steen The Proper Stitch * £20 €30 $60 Including Shipping ($65 Australia and New Zealand)

If there is one book that every lover of needlework should have, it is this. This is all you need and much honour and respect to Darlene O'Steen for producing such a fine and comprehensive illustrated catalogue of stitch techniques.
Just take time to work through this book and there will be nothing you cannot accomplish.
And to prove it, you have charts and comprehensive instructions for 3 fabulous samplers to prove your skills, whether new found or existing.
You can see the 3 beautiful projects above.
This is a hard backed, spiral bound book in pristine condition. It has 168 pages of graphs and instructions - above and below you can see examples of those wonderful stitch instructions - so clear and so easy to follow.

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