Tuesday 20 January 2015

SOLD Pattern Books (Set 2) * £8 €12 $40 Shipping Included (Australia & New Zealand $45)

Carola Forg's book is packed with more than 250 motifs for linen embroidery dating back to the 15th-17th century and some before that.
The patterns are collected from numerous sources - popular paintings of the time; first printed pattern books from the late 1500s; and antique samplers.
They derive from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, England and France.
This is a treasure of a book.....
The second book is in acceptable used condition and features more than 40 pages of patterns and motifs collected by Irmgard Gierl from historical designs. There is a description and origin of each motif.
This display of blossom in a vase is from Graz in Austria
The design above with stags is taken from a piece in the Segantinimuseum in St Moritz, Switzerland and the unicorns below are from an anonymous old pattern book. 

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