Wednesday 28 January 2015

SOLD 7 Design Catalogues * Scarlet Letter, Elizabeth Bradley, Permin and Clara Waever Catalogues * £12 €20 $50 Including Shipping

Marsha Parker (formerly Marsha Van Valin) deserves a medal of honour for the work she has accomplished in making historic samplers available to stitchers. She has charted a prodigious number of samplers from European and US museums and the extent of her work is reflected in her catalogues. This bundle is 2 catalogues plus around 20 supplements.
They are certainly pretty samplers images to enjoy - but these are so much more than this as Marsha carefully described the samplers, their makers and their sources - an education in its own right.
If you are a lover of historic samplers, I could not recommend these to you more.
I won't go on about the days when one could walk down Stroget in Copenhagen and look in the windows of both Eva Rosenstand and Clara Waever like some child looking in a toyshop on the eve of Christmas....
but here you are two comprehensive catalogues of work carried home from the now sadly-missed fabulous sampler museum in Celle.
The catalogue even has a delightful charted pattern to make the circular daisy cloth you can see in the bottom left hand corner above.
The Permin catalogue together with the previous catalogue document with their reproductions, samplers in the Celle museum - as well as the work of wider interest to the stitcher.
Here you can enjoy some of the samplers from the Celle Museum in their replica format.
And then there is the work of Elizabeth Bradley.
Every year I would make at least one pilgrimage to Liberty's of London to see what was new and take home the latest catalogue which came in the form of a massive double sided A1 folded sheet covered with all the beautiful Elizabeth Bradley designs
All these items are in carefully kept order and I hope their beauty will inspire you to continue your stitching.

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