Thursday 29 January 2015

SOLD DMC Shade Card + Zweigart Catalogue + Coats Catalogue * £10 €20 $60 Shipping Included

I don't think this needs a description other than to say it is in very nice clean used condition - to buy with actual thread samples like this, as opposed to printed colours, they are about £15.
Most of the time we are quite unaware of the variety of cloths available to us as stitchers
it is really useful to know what is available and then to ask for it to be ordered - and have an idea about how much you should pay for it too....
This is a 4 language catalogue with descriptions in German, English, Spanish and Portuguese
For everything you will ever need for stitching nothing is better that the Coats catalogue
again just to be aware of what tools are available to you - be amazed.

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