Friday, 30 November 2012

Prims Magazine of Folk Art Dolls

While enjoying Susan Pilotto's wonderful Mousedroppings Blog, I saw she had links to a Folk Art Magazine called Prims. So I decided to investigate more and I found some wonderful, inspiring treasures there.

Here you can see a few pages culled from one of the Prim magazines and if you visit their website, you will find many more to enjoy.

You can subscribe and yes, there is international delivery. What is helpful is that the first edition is now out of print, so for $9.99 you can download the copy (nearly 150 pages)to get a flavour of the magazine before deciding whether you want to subscribe or not. Click here to go to the Prims website.


  1. "Prims" is a wonderful supports artists of all skill levels which is nice to see. Cheerio, Susan