Sunday, 18 November 2012

Susan Pilotto's Wonderland

I love the serendipity of blogging - you just never know which wonderful and creative person is going to pop up before your eyes. Yesterday Susan Pilotto walked into my virtual world when she bought a copy of one of Sarah Don's charted design books.
Susan left me a calling card for her blog that I just had to follow - a bit like Alice following the white rabbit - and I truly felt I had fallen down a hole into wonderland when I saw Susan's pin cushion creations.

Susan Pilotto is a mixed-media artist who specializes in creating one of a kind miniature animals from recycled wool felt fabric. Susan graduated from Vancouver's Capilano College with a Diploma in Studio Art.

And here you can see just a few samples of her creations and below, Susan herself, taking a siesta with her new dog Jasper.
Do visit Susan at her blog - tomorrow is a particularly good day as she will be selling some of her creations. Click here for your trip to Wonderland!


  1. Oh what joy! Thank you for sharing Susan's site. All of her creations are just lovely, and such little creatures! What fun to explore all of her photos.

  2. I just went to her blog and I am in love! What sweet little mice!!

  3. I love Susan's work, they are so fun and whimsical.


  4. Jacqueline, thanks to you, we can enjoy the serendipity of your blogging. you do all the hard work, and I just get to follow your links!