Sunday, 11 November 2012

Ann Davies * Saltaire * Yorkshire

If you are ever up in the West Riding of Yorkshire be sure not to miss a visit to Sir Titus Salt's model textile-workers village of Saltaire which is a World Heritage site. I have many attachments to this place, since as a family we would arrive there on Sundays en route for rambles over neighbouring moorlands. Sir Titus Salt, the founder of the village, was the philanthropist responsible for endowing my education. And a friend from many years' back (now sadly dead) was responsible for saving Salt's Mill from dereliction.

While on a recent visit to see what was new in the art galleries and museum, I came across the work of a local artist on display in one of the shops and I have to say her work took my eye.

Ann recently gave up her work as an intensive-care nurse, to spend more time working at her art. Here you can see some examples of her mixed-media textile pieces which are meticulously worked with great attention to detail.

And these dolls of hers just made me smile from ear to ear. To see more of Ann's work, just click here.

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