Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Francesca's Artful Pomegranate Mirror

Pomegranates are my favourite fruit - they take me back to my childhood when they were the most exotic fruit to be had. And how can an embroiderer contemplate one and not think of Catherine of Aragon? Here is a pomegranate of exceptional beauty worked by Francesca who lives in Rome.

The design and its layout on the mirror cover is quite perfectly conceived - a special bow indicates where the mirror should be opened. sadly it appears that one of the pearls has become detached in post but hopefully it can be restored once the mirror is back home with Francesca.

The shading and dimensionality of this work is so subtle that it is not at all obvious from a first glance just how professionally it has been executed. I particularly like the inroduction of a bronze shade into the orange of the pomegranate - that was not a safe thing to do - but it was absolutely the right thing to do - lifting its whole appearance. The total attention to detail in the setting of threads is an object lesson in patience and precision. This is a most admirable mirror and well-deserving of its prize. Congratulations, Francesca!


  1. Wow, beautiful embroidery!!!!
    Hugs from Italy.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Jacqueline ! I'm so sorry that you received it with the missing pearl lost during transport but no worries, has been already replaced !

  3. This was my favourite - any chance of it being issued as a kit or an on-line class?