Sunday, 4 November 2012

Needlework Samplers @ Dreweatts of Bristol 6 November 2012

At Dreweatts of Bristol next week (click here for more details) are some interesting lots. The first is Lot 236 and includes works by Emily Hatch Marden. There are three miniature nightshirts, and a similar garment, dated 1897 and initialled EHM;  and two small samplers, one worked by Emily Hatch in 1850 and the other by Emily Hatch Marden. There are also a numbe rof other pieces in the lot. The estimate for all the pieces is: £150 - £250.

Lot 235 includes a card folder containing a collection of embroidered silks, including a fragment of 18th century fabric; a collection of 19th century silk Christmas cards; a small piece of Venetian lace, dated 1680; silk squares decorated with paintings of birds; lace mittens; a framed portrait of a Victorian lady; some pressed flowers; a collection of leather gloves; and a tiny pair of miniature silk gloves. The estimate is: £100 - £150

Lot 239 is an interesting late 16th century English embroidered panel, probably cut down from a larger panel. It is embroidered in tent and cross-stitch and shows an animal surrounded by a fence, the ribbon above with the latin phrase Potius Mori (Rather Death), conveys the message that death is to be preferred to captivity. Was this stitched by someone held captive? It measures 26cm x 28cm and the estimate is: £300 - £400

Lot 238 above and below in detail is an early 18th century cover or pillow sham, the undyed linen embroidered in chain stitch (probably tamboured) with coloured wools, forming a design of birds amongst exotic flowers, stems, leaves and curling tendrils, having a flat quilted ground in a chevron pattern. It measures 60cm x 86cm and comes with an estimate of: £3,000 - £4,000.

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