Thursday, 1 November 2012

A Mirror To My Art - Competition Winners

The judging of this competition went right up to the line - and beyond! But now I am delighted to announce the winners. Before I do, I think it is important to mention that the quality of needlework displayed by the finalists was superb - meticulously-well-planned and exceptionally skilled in execution. For these reason all finalists will be awarded a special commendation and a copy of the Perpetually Engaging Diary. The delay in announcing the winners was due to the impossibility of favouring one project over another, so there are two 3rd prize winners.

The first 3rd prize winner is Francesca from Rome (Italy). The judges were most impressed by the fine shaded work, subtle dimensionality and beautiful design of this piece. Congratulations Francesca you win £75. 

and the second joint 3rd prize winner is Rose from California (USA) for her fabulous and exquisitely-worked detached button-hole applied-work and fine gilt laces. Congratulations Rose, your prize is also £75.

The winner of the 2nd prize and the Micheál and Elizabeth Feller prize is Dianne from South Australia. Her scrolling gold-work mirror purse is a truly scintillating technical tour de force and gives us such a clear idea of how such work, now largely tarnished and blackened, would have appeared on original 17th century works. Many congratulations Dianne, you have been awarded £250.

And the 1st prize of £500, having a unanimous vote, goes to Amy of Calgary, Canada. This entrant fused conception, design and execution at the highest level into an object of sheer original brilliance.

I shall be posting detail images of all the winners starting in a week's time.


  1. WOW! All the pieces are truly stunning. I can see why the decisions were so hard to make.


  2. What a great competition and so many fabulous entries. I applaud your decisions on all three winners and, to everyone who entered, thank you!
    Liebe Grusse,

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