Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Pinballs, Samplers & Needlework at Bleasdales Auction

Bleasdales of Warwick (click here for more details) have a treasure-trove of needlework exercises coming up for auction on 4&5 December. First off are 2 pinballs, the first is Lot 269 and is knitted in brown and cream, one side initialled E.M. – 1809 within Quaker style geometric motifs, the reverse has two birds and geometric motifs. It is 6cm in diameter and has an estimate of £300 - £400.

Lot 258 is a sampler style knitted pin ball, one side in light brown and cream, inscribed C. Mewall, 1795 within hearts and other motifs, the other side polychrome with a tree, birds, hearts, etc.. There is damage as you can see. It also measures 6cm in diameter and has an estimate of £100 - £200.

Then there are many lots of needlework exercises - here are just a few. Lot 804 is a group of educational samplers by sisters, comprising; a small sampler Rosa Betts Aged 12 Years, Hilda Board School, New Clee, worked with alphabets, another Alice Betts Aged 12 Years, Hilda Board Scho, New Clee, another unfinished and another A.B. for edges, button holing, etc., all approximately 16.5cm square. The estimate of this lot is £100 - £200.

Lot 810 is an Edwardian sampler book, by Ann Docwra 1847, a folded card covered in blue holland, 46cm x 29.5cm, eleven samples, buttonholing, darning, etc., and including a small sampler of alphabets, numerals, Bassingbourn British Sc., 1847, one sample mothed. Estimate: £40 - £80.

Lot 822 is by E. G. (E. Goodland) from 1902and is a group of samples and specimen work, comprising; an embroidered green and orange envelope bag, initialled and dated, containing a group of six samplers and exercises executed in vivid colours on even weave cloth, the bag 29cm x 45cm. Estimate: £30 - £50.

Lot 802 is a 19th century sampler recording the births and marriages of the Selden family, Scvyer And Catherine Selden Father And Mother Of Eliza Selden Was Bornd September 2nd in 1833 and records marriages to 1862. It measures 26cm x 35cm, is unframed and has edge staining. The estimate for this lot is £80 - £120.

Not at Bleasdales but at Anderson and Garland (click here for more details) is Lot 437 which is an interesting mid 18th century banded sampler, possibly German, decorated from top to bottom with alphabet and numbers, swans, a rearing stag, crowned double-headed eagle, Adam and Eve beneath the tree surrounded by other figures, initialled and dated IEF 1765. It is framed and measures 30 x 12 1/2in. (76 x 32cms) and has an estimate of £150 - £250. Happy bidding!

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