Monday, 19 November 2012

Celebrating 378 Years - The Red Maid's School Bristol

Founded in 1634 by Mayor John Whitson, The Red Maids' School in Bristol is celebrating 378 years this month - making it the oldest girls' school still in existence. John Whitson, a wealthy merchant, sadly outlived all three of his daughters. On his death he chose to leave his estate for the foundation of a unique establishment – The Red Maids’ Hospital. Whitson’s will stipulates that The Red Maids’ Hospital would be created for 40 poor women children and that they would be apparelled in red – a cloth that he himself manufactured. His importance to the school is celebrated each year on Founder’s Day when the school processes through the streets of Bristol to a service at Bristol Cathedral where his will is read aloud. The school has grown from the original 40 to over 500 students but still benefits from Whitson’s legacy. For more details and history visit the school's website by clicking here.

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