Monday, 12 November 2012

Mirror Images - Dianne From Australia

Dianne's solution to the Mirror To My Art challenge was to make an embroidered purse for her mirror, using an early 17th century coif (F369) in the Micheál and Elizabeth Collection as inspiration.

It is when you see such a piece, brilliant with new gilt threads, than you can begin to appreciate the wonder of having a coif wrought in this way - it would have been no every-day head covering - how it must have appeared in the candle light! These beautiful coiling designs alive with birds, blooms and butterflies recall in their details the amazingly carved Trees of Life of 11th century Tulaytula - Spanish Toledo - when under Arabic rule. Transfered to later Castilian rulers, is this how the patterns came to England?

Below you can see the incredibly skilful working of the metallic threads which caused the judges to gasp, and me now to hold my breath. What a fabulous piece this is and it is such a privilege to have been able to marvel at it, even for a short time. A truly worthy prize-winner.


  1. i agree stunning. congratulation

  2. WOW! This piece is even more amazing with the close up pictures and the story behind it. Congratulations Dianne you deserve it, after what I am sure were some sleepless nights embroidering to your hearts content. Truly a master piece from the heart.