Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Rose's Mirror To Her Art

Rose from San Dimas, California produced this exquisitely covered antique mirror in response to the Needleprint challenge. It is totally bewitching and a mirror any girl would love to have and we must envy Rose's daughter to whom the mirror has been promised. What a special heirloom this is!

I find the choice of palette absolutely charming with its medium toned pastel hues - it strikes me as perfect for the subject. Here you can see in closer detail just how those colours are worked together to give a rich surface. Metallic thread has been used to construct the edging lace, which is further embellished with shivering sequins, catching the light from all directions. The lace is carefully balanced by the touches of gold thread work in the main design.

Here perhaps you can see the true wonder of the work here - the detached leaves that have been worked over silver wire which shimmers through beautifully. No wonder Rose's mirror was judged a prize-winner.

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