Sunday, 4 November 2012

Black Samplers From Oldambt 1800-1880 & School Girl Samplers From Groningen and Friesland 1880-1968

I have just spent a most pleasant Sunday going through the latest book by Hennie Stevan-Bathoorn of the Museum Voor Naaldkunst. Hennie has been studying the black samplers of Groningen for longer than I have known her and she is the authority on the subject. In this book she traces the history and background of the girls in the north of the Netherlands who stitched these distinctive samplers.

The book also looks at more recent samplers stitched in the area and includes not only the red and white samplers we are so familiar with now, but other needleworks such as knitted garments for babies and dolls. The book is in Dutch, but it does have a short precis at the end in English (and also in German). There are nearly 200 pages with many illustrations. The ISBN is 978-90-78543-00-8. For more details click here.

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