Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Thank you, Bix Schipper-van Lottum

It was with sadness and a great sense of loss that I heard from Margriet Hogue about the passing of Bix Schipper-van Lottum aged 82. I didn't know her at all, apart from her books which were signed M G A Schipper-van Lottum. Her book Over Merklappen Gesproken did more than any other book to fuel my desire to research samplers and historical connections between England and the Netherlands. This morning I tried in vain to find some biography for her. I even tried Wikipedia for the Netherlands, but there is nothing. On Google, though, there are pages after pages of references to her books - it seems like she was cited in one way or another in just about all books on samplers, which is perhaps her greatest memorial and legacy. If anyone can offer more in the way of a biography to add to this, please help me.
In the meantime, I give thanks for the life of Bix Schipper van-Lottum.

I am very grateful to Anita in the Netherlands for kindly sending us the following:
M.G.A. (Bix) Schipper - van Lottum completed her studies at the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Arts cum laude and then worked for about ten years as a fashion designer in Amsterdam. After that period she took lectures for two years at the State Academy in Amsterdam delivered by the professor of costume history, Dr. Frithjof W.S. of Thienen. Then she lived for four years as toehoorster (note anita: sorry, no english translation for this word. A toehoorster is someone who is listening, but nog speaking.) Professor of art history lectures. Dr. J.Q. Regteren with in Altena of the University of Amsterdam. Besides research in North Holland archives related to inventories prepared them for exhibitions and books they wrote about Dutch brand and wipers and the education of girls between the years 1600-1900, and articles on North Holland jewelry, clothing and embroidery in a number of journals including Antiques and Costume. Since 1993 an investigation resulted in the old Amsterdam Newspapers in six episodes, with the original texts and extensive index to make the book manageable.
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  1. I had heard about the passing of this great lady, but hadn't known much about her. Thanks for the additional information on her life. A great loss indeed.

    Wendy Sheppard