Monday, 14 September 2009

A Template for Our Quaker Basket Project

We'll take a week off to let you catch up with the card basket project. You can see some of the finishes on the Needleprint Projects Blog. Now that you have made that one, you will be ready to master a stitched version. Just so you don't get too bored doing the same construction over, we'll use a slightly different construction based on this superb basket which belonged to Dawn Lewis. Here there is no ground fabric to act as webbing. The basket sides just draw up on themselves, and this time we'll use some pretty ribbon instead of bias binding. We'll make the size the same, though, so you can visualise the size of the finish project.

Dawn's basket is a commemorative one - one side is embroidered on silk with lovely florals, while the other side is filled with hand written farewell notes to 'darling Julia' on paper - each section written by a different friend. The centre section was written by Julia's teacher and signed 'Edgeworth Academy'. So we shall have charts for stitching on both sides of the panels, but we'll also have a download which you could use to have a commemorative card to replace one side of the panels like this one. It would be a delightful project for a stitching group - you could perhaps all sign a greeting on each other's baskets.....or maybe you can make a special birthday for a friend ......or maybe you have more exciting ideas?


  1. The 'basket' is very beautiful!

  2. How lovely. Must get the card version finished so I can start as soon as you post the instructions for something like this.