Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Willeke's Marken Sampler & Threadwinders

Again it was another of those marvellous moments of serendipity that I came across Willeke's beautiful work based on designs from the Isle of Marken in the Netherlands. Here you can see a sampler of her work in progress. She has been inspired by this long-loved little guide book by Maria van Hemert published by Het Openlucht Museum.

Not only do I love Willeke's work - but I simply adore her way of using those lovely dolly-pegs as thread winders. What an inspired idea! We are so used to seeing these pegs with painted faces - perhaps we could personalize our threadwinders, too?

And see they can even be used for ribbon. To visit Willeke's blog which is just a total wonderful world of discovery, click here.


  1. Lovely work! Is there some way to still get the book?

  2. I love the Marken bands, bur still haven`t stitched them yet...

  3. What a lovely blog. And she's planning this to be the first part of a pronkrol.