Saturday, 12 January 2013

Elena's Stunning Peacock Eye Mirror

There were a number of entries from France. Personally, I was knocked sideways when I was shown Elena's work. This fabulous, bold and well-conceived design is magnificent in its simplicity and effect. The design with its five peacock tail eyes is custom made for the mirror's roundel and the symbolism of pride made me smile hugely, too.

This palette of colours with its acid chartreuse lifting up those sumptious turquoises and blues, threaded with purple, has such power. Texturally, it is rich with its immaculately laid flat stitches and couched work with the careful placing of beads at the centre.

How do you get something to sit round a circular form? The solution Elena provides is again simple and effective, the cloth is neatly gathered and the vocabulary of the front is again referenced with the application of beads, this time with the addition of gold and chartreuse to echo the palette of the front. For me this was perfection. A great designer and embroiderer.


  1. It's a very well thought out design, and I'm always a sucker for bluey greens.

  2. How beautiful! I would not have thought of the association of peacocks/pride/ clever!