Friday, 11 January 2013

Samplers & Darners From Amsterdam's Orphanage - New Book By Berthi Smith-Sanders

Many congratulations to Berthi Smith-Sanders on the completion of her beautiful and important new book which will be available in February 2013. Berthi writes: Needlework was still a part of the curriculum while I was attending elementary school. Many years later, I also learned to knit and in the 1970s, I embroidered my first sampler. In 1995, I began to study old Dutch samplers. Best of all, I enjoy discovering the history and the ‘story’ that lies behind old samplers. In 1996, in just one purchase I was able to buy ten samplers. Remarkably, except for one sampler, they were all made by young girls stemming from one family. The earliest dated samplers (1799, 1835, 1836) originated from the Amsterdam Civic Orphanage and the remainder were home embroidered. What made these samplers even more remarkable, was that they contained personal anecdotes transferred from mother to daughter. In addition to the historical information derived from the Amsterdam City Archives, these samplers contain wonderful stories which in turn I wish to share with my readers.
Entitled Merk- en stoplappen uit het Burgerweeshuis Amsterdam. (Samplers and darning samplers from the Amsterdam Civic Orphanage) It has a total of 164 pages and is richly illustrated with many full colour photos and charts. All the samplers are depicted page size. Also included is a separate sheet with a chart of one of the samplers and a three page English summary (the main text is in Dutch). It is soft cover and measures 20 x 25 cm. ISBN: 978-90-807994-0-0.
The introduction price until 18 February 2013 is € 24.95 (excluding P&P), after 18 February 2013 the price will be € 27.50 (excluding P&P). The packing and postage to the UK or to elsewhere in Europe is € 9.50. Outside Europe the P&P is € 13. To order your book simply email Berthi at where she can take your order in English. Click here to go to Berthi's blog.

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  1. Thanks for this post Jacqueline - my book is on order. Now I have to wait for it to arrive!