Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Cristina's Dazzling Peacock Mirror

As proud as a peacock - the linking of peacocks to earthly vanity is deeply entrenched in our cultures, although the early symbolism of the peacock was renewal, since the peacock shed its feathers and they regrew and as such it was a Christian icon. I'm sure Cristina felt as proud as a peacock when she finished her mirror - and rightly so - it is dazzling! I think too, for Cristina, it is also a symbol of renewal and hope as I know she survived a heart-attack a little while ago.

Cristina's entry was perhaps the most painterly one - just look at the colour blends and particularly the working in the tail feathers. There is so much variety of stitch here that this piece is almost a mini-stitch dictionary in its own right. I particularly like, too, the way the palette of colours has been taken to the front of the mirror to create this very elegant border. A superb piece of work, Cristina - I wonder what you are working on now?

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